Monday, April 16, 2007

February 17, I moved...again. I must have a short memory to have forgotten how much hassle it is to fix up a house. But THIS time, I told my friends helped move that they can dig a hole in the backyard and bury me there, because I don't plan to move again. Of course, I said that last time...
Two days after we moved in, we ripped out the hall bathroom and the kitchen. I do mean ripped out. Little did we know, we would be without a kitchen for three weeks. Thank God for yogurt and baby carrots!
The good news is that we are through the worst of it. In the last couple months, we have done a lot of painting, cleaning, unpacking, shopping, hanging, decorating, digging, planting, raking, and fixing air conditioners (that was my least favorite part). I still have a long way to go on the landscaping end of things, but if I was done, who knows...I might get the urge to move again.
I had good Friday off and I spent it out front digging out what was left of azalea bushes that had been there. I thought I was working pretty hard until my neighbor came by and said, "We can tell you sit behind a desk everyday." What was that supposed to mean?
I found out there there are two kinds of people on my street, those who think I should take the oak in front of my house out, and those who think I should leave it in. I think I will take up a collection from those who think I should take it out.
Saturday night I added another chapter to the book I will write one day titled "Times I have locked myself out of the house." Chapter five, I think. Five friends came over to help me break in this time. Thanks to John, we were able to get in without damaging any doors or windows. Some day I will learn. Maybe in the next house. :)

Charity's World

February 9 I traveled to Alabama to visit a friend and her family and then on to Pensacola to see Charity's art show. It was my first time to PCC ever and my first time mixing with college students in a long time. After just a couple days I have to say, I feel a little old. I'm not sure I could share a bedroom with three other girls anymore.
I was impressed that Charity has grown into a quality young woman. We went to fine arts with some of her friends-not the "cool crowd," but a group of girls that Charity genuinely reaches out to.
Saturday we took time to go to a local nursing home. Something Charity had done faithfully through her four years of college. We sang all the old favorites with the residents and did our best to talk with them about the Lord.
Sunday afternoon was her show...she had hung up pieces that she worked on throughout her four years there. I have several of her pieces framed in my home and office, but I keep trying to convince her to sell me more.
It was a long drive home, but it was well worth it. Thanks for letting me come, Charity. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with your gifts in the days to come!